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Snow falls on a quiet Wood Duck Pond at Mitchell Memorial Forest.

Swirling Snowflakes

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Snow, in and of itself, seems to be either adored … or loathed. It all depends on perspective, doesn’t it? When one mentions the uniqueness of a single precious snowflake, even the most aggressive haters of snow may cave. There is just something about catching a flake on your tongue, holding your head to the […]

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What is a masterpiece? Simply put, it is a work of outstanding artistry, skill or workmanship. When viewed from afar, a single snowflake looks like a small frozen white ball. But let’s take a closer look. Formation of the snowflake begins aloft, way above the earth’s surface. It takes a very cold water droplet sticking […]

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A snowflake’s life begins in a cloud. A cloud is made up of tiny pieces of dust or salt carried into the sky by wind and water vapor put into the air through evaporation. In winter, as the water in the clouds becomes cooler (around -9°C or 15°F) a water droplet inside the cloud gradually […]

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