Swirling Snowflakes

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Snow falls on a quiet Wood Duck Pond at Mitchell Memorial Forest.
Snow falls on a quiet River Hill Pond at Mitchell Memorial Forest.

Snow, in and of itself, seems to be either adored … or loathed. It all depends on perspective, doesn’t it? When one mentions the uniqueness of a single precious snowflake, even the most aggressive haters of snow may cave. There is just something about catching a flake on your tongue, holding your head to the sky embracing an inner youthfulness that is unexplainable. When the first flakes of the season fall, a calm quiet fills the soul (especially if there is a hot cup of cocoa involved).

Here is an exploration of five crazy snow facts:

  1. Snowflakes can have an identical twin!
  2. The largest snowflakes may have been as big as pie pans.
  3. A city council once declared snow to be illegal.
  4. Animals that create an airtight den out of snow are warmer than the average bear.
  5. The most snow angels ever made simultaneously: 8,962.
    • Seriously, who counts these things? Someone did in 2007 in Bismarck, North Dakota. However, the record for the most snow angels ever made simultaneously in multiple locations goes to Nova Scotia with 22,022. In 2011, residents in 130 separate locations participated. Do you feel inspired to try to beat this record come next snowfall?

Looking at things with a different perspective can help open the mind for a new appreciation of things. Yes, that does include the wonders of winter weather. When the first snowfall of the year arrives, have these thoughts in mind when catching a snowflake on your tongue.

Amy Swigart
Nature Interpreter, Woodland Mound