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Nature interpreter Susan Sumner holds a turtle while two young park guests are excited to pet the turtle.

It is often the little things that we take for granted as we lead our busy lives, those day-to-day activities we can plod through without even thinking about because they seem so mundane. As I sat down to tell this story earlier today, I thought about my typical morning routine. With honking cars, bright headlights […]

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One Sunday a month, shutter-happy people gather at a different Great Park to photograph whatever catches their eye. The program is open to everybody and every ability level. Phone, point-and-shoot and digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are all welcome! Below are some photographs from participants. Enjoy! Who knows, you may even find a new favorite […]

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Adilyn and a woman sit in a fishing boat at Sharon Lake. They are facing toward the front of the boat and photo is taken from the back.

We recently received some kind words and an important reminder we wanted to share: I just wanted to do a shoutout to the Hamilton County Parks and what they provide to the public. We are very lucky to have the lakes and all that they offer. I started visiting the parks twenty-two years ago and […]

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Mockingbird in fall

A Surprise Email

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I have the rare privilege and opportunity to share significant experiences and information in the natural world through blogs. And in doing so, I never know the true impact. A few days ago, I received this special surprise email. Susan, I was riding my bicycle through the park behind my house this beautiful spring day […]

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