Take Your Kid Fishing!

All, Fishin' Line
Addilyn reaches toward a fish someone off camera is holding up to her. She is on a row boat and wearing a life vest. She appears to be talking.Brian McLucas and his daughter Addilyn smile outside. Addilyn is wearing a life vest and the blue sky is behind them.Adilyn and a woman sit in a fishing boat at Sharon Lake. They are facing toward the front of the boat and photo is taken from the back.

We recently received some kind words and an important reminder we wanted to share:

I just wanted to do a shoutout to the Hamilton County Parks and what they provide to the public. We are very lucky to have the lakes and all that they offer.

I started visiting the parks twenty-two years ago and got into my first bass fishing tournaments at the age of eight and I believe the preservation of the outdoors rests soley on the shoulders of the youth of today. In the evergrowing population, with the development of land for housing, I think it’s important to take a child fishing and let them experience the great outdoors for themselves – get away from the television, computer, game system and cell phones – and really appreciate the parks.

I started taking my daughter Addilyn at 2 years old. She caught her very first bluegill last year on a boat at Winton Woods. Now she’s 3; she asks me to go on a weekly basis. A child’s first fishing trip sets the tone for if they are going to be interested so make a great first impression.

As a serious bass angler of tournaments for many years, I had to take it back to my childhood and tone the seriousness down that I fish tournaments with, and just go fishing and truly make sure that my daughter had a great time. So take a child fishing and spend that quality time; that’ll be so much more important to them than buying them items to make them happy. I just wanted to spread the word and to give insight to anyone considering coming out to the parks: make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Brian McLucas

Thanks for the reminder, Brian!