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An eastern coyote sits in tall grass.

As the early settlers of the U.S. forged westward, their main priority was finding a place to call home. However, as they began to inhabit our country, not only did they affect the animals who lived here first, they affected where these creatures lived. The natural predators that called Ohio’s landscape home – the black […]

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Urban Coyotes


More often heard than seen, coyotes have established quite a population in Ohio. Interestingly enough, these intelligent, adaptable animals were not found in our state originally. However, since the 1960s, coyotes have become more and more “urbanized.” They’ve even been known to live – and thrive – in downtown Chicago! Coyotes have found a way […]

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Coyote Alert

Nature Academy

Recently, Great Parks has received a flurry of coyote sightings and even a few reports of pets being attacked, so we thought it is time for a refresher and update on our largest wild canine. Coyote have been in our midst for several decades, but are becoming more noticeable as the population increases and wild […]

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Talking About Coyotes


My first coyote report came from a Forest Park resident nearly 20 years ago. Though not surprising at the time, it certainly was not an everyday occurrence. Today, the coyote has become widespread in our area with frequent reports coming to us and to many of the local municipalities and townships. Readers of this blog […]

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