Talking About Coyotes



My first coyote report came from a Forest Park resident nearly 20 years ago. Though not surprising at the time, it certainly was not an everyday occurrence. Today, the coyote has become widespread in our area with frequent reports coming to us and to many of the local municipalities and townships. Readers of this blog may remember an article last June that went into some detail about the coyote. We are pleased to announce that one of the Nation’s leading experts on urban coyote, Dr. Stan Gehrt, Associate Professor & Wildlife Extension Specialist with The Ohio State University – on whose work most of the information for the original blog article came – will present two sessions entitled Coyotes: Ecology, Coexistence & Conflict at Sharon Woods’ Sharon Centre on Wednesday, February 6. The first session is for public officials and is scheduled for 1PM. We ask that any official planning to attend please RSVP to the Naturalist Desk at (513) 521-7275 ext. 240. This will be followed at 7PM with a program for the general public. Here is your opportunity to separate facts from fiction about our urban coyote and to receive practical suggestions on how to minimize coyote conflicts. Both presentations are free.

Bob Mason, Stewardship Manager