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Two ripe pawpaws are ready to be picked from the tree.

    Native to Ohio and found along shady hillsides, the pawpaw tree (Asimina triloba) will soon begin producing its highly sought-after fruit. The pawpaw fruit is unique, as it’s one of the only large native fruits in the Midwest, and can often be found in great abundance ­– if one knows where to search. […]

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An eastern coyote sits in tall grass.

As the early settlers of the U.S. forged westward, their main priority was finding a place to call home. However, as they began to inhabit our country, not only did they affect the animals who lived here first, they affected where these creatures lived. The natural predators that called Ohio’s landscape home – the black […]

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5 Myths of Nature

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Nature is full of mysteries. Through scientific discovery, some myths can be dispelled regarding a few of our local critters. Which of these “untruths” have you believed? Myth: Nocturnal animals are never active in the daytime There are at least three animals that prove this myth false. Owls will call to announce their territorial boundaries […]

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