Colossal Fish Contest: Week 1 Winner

Fishin' Line

The first week of the Colossal Fish Contest is in the books, and we have our first winner to go with it!

Last Friday on May 8, Mark Davis weighed in a 53-pound blue catfish. That morning, Mark came into the boathouse, purchased his ticket, entered the contest for an extra $3 and then was out on a boat for the majority of the day. Upon his return later that afternoon, he informed me that it was a good day for him – he was able to catch seven catfish and there were also two or three big ones that got away. Mark had three fish in his basket to be weighed: one at 13 pounds, another at 32 pounds and his prize-winning fish totaling a whopping 53 pounds!

For the first week we had 23 entries into the contest, which equates to a Week 1 prize certificate worth $55.20. Congratulations Mark!


Don’t forget this contest is taking place now until September 20, so come to Lake Isabella and see if your gear has what it takes to bring in one of these colossal fish.

Anthony Unkrich, Lake Isabella, Harbor Manager