New Colossal Fish Contest

Fishin' Line

The newest Great Parks fishing event kicked off this week at Lake Isabella!

The Colossal Fish Contest is a weekly event taking place May 4–September 20, 2015. Before you test your gear against the big colossal fish sitting at the bottom of Lake Isabella, here are a few things you should know about the contest.

What is it?
This weekly contest runs every Monday morning at opening (7 a.m.) through Sunday evening at closing (9 p.m.). All qualifying fish must be weighed by Great Parks’ staff during hours of operation. You are allowed to enter as many times as you like each week with the purchase of a new fishing ticket with a “COLOSSAL” stamp.

How do I enter?
The cost to enter the contest is the price of your Lake Isabella fishing ticket, plus an additional $3 (which goes towards the prize each week). Entry to the Colossal Fish Contest must be purchased at the same time you purchase your fishing ticket, and your ticket will be given a “COLOSSAL” stamp. You will need to keep your ticket until weigh-in.

Once you are entered into the Colossal Fish Contest, any species of fish (blue catfish, shovelhead catfish, carp, channel catfish, etc.) can be weighed in. The biggest fish by weight for the week will be the winner. Winners will be notified by phone, so that they can come pick up their prize.

What can I win?
Each week a prize certificate will be awarded to the angler who has caught the biggest fish that week (Monday–Sunday). The prize certificate amount will be based on 80% of the number of $3 entries that week. For example, if there are 30 entries the prize certificate would be worth $72. Any weeks that have less than 10 entries will be carried over into the next week.

Twenty winners will be awarded over the course of this 20-week contest. Whoever has the caught the biggest fish at the end of the contest will be the Colossal Grand Prize winner. The grand prize includes a Ripsaw rod, a 2016 rowboat pass (good at any Great Parks lake) and bragging rights for the year!

LI_Colossal Fish (1)

We want this to be a fun and fair event for all participants, so there are a few rules that everyone will need to follow:

  • Poor handling of the fish will not be tolerated. This includes holding the fish by the gills, improper use of a stringer and keeping fish out of the water for too long.
  • All fish being weighed must be kept alive and returned to the lake. Nets, baskets and bait motels are highly encouraged.
  • Fish must be caught at Lake Isabella. Fish brought in from other lakes, reservoirs or rivers will not be permitted.

LI_Colossal Fish (2)

So come out and join us at Lake Isabella this summer. Enter as many times as you like. There are some colossal fish sitting at the bottom of the lake…does your gear have what it takes to reel in one of these prize winning fish?

Anthony Unkrich, Harbor Manager, Lake Isabella

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