Downsize Your Gear for August Fishing Success

Fishin' Line

August is traditionally a pretty tough month for fishing. Both water and dissolved oxygen levels tend to be low. Bait fish are plentiful, which are tough to compete with. Plus, the fish have had a lot of pressure from anglers throughout the spring and summer. So how do you find success?

This is not the time of year to power fish. Big flashy lures and oversized baits are not going to be your best bet. Slow down your presentation, downsize your gear and think finesse. Very small in-line spinners, tiny little surface poppers, four-inch plastic worms, live minnows and wax worms will lead you to a fun day on the water.

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There are two awesome opportunities to test your angling skills this weekend. The Adult/Child Tournament at Lake Isabella on Saturday, August 16 will begin at 9 a.m. and end at noon. One member of every team must be less than 16 years old. There will be no limit to the number of fish that each team can weigh-in, and the entry fee is only $20 per team.

The next Bass Series tournament is Sunday, August 17 at Sharon Woods. Running from 5–11 a.m., this tournament gives anglers a unique chance to be on the lake before daylight. This is the third consecutive year for this specific tournament, and over the last two years we’ve seen limits caught before daybreak! The entry fee is $70 per team, and registration begins at the boathouse at 4 a.m. Since Sharon Woods Lake is choked with terrific weed growth, I expect fish will be caught on plastic frogs, as well as swim baits fished along deeper weed lines.

Another opportunity later this summer is the Lake Championship at Miami Whitewater Forest. It was canceled on August 9 due to a scheduling mistake. The event has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 13, 2014, from 8 a.m.–2 p.m. Teams are permitted to weigh-in six fish of any species. The entry fee is $60 per team, which includes boat rental. Registration begins an hour before the tournament at the boat house.

And just a reminder… send us pictures of your great catch at a Great Parks lake to, and we will include it on the Fishin Line!

Neal Ramsey, District Recreation Manager