Dabbling Ducks


Last year, Parky’s Farm acquired two Welsh Harlequin ducks: a drake (male) and a hen (female). The Welsh Harlequin is a domestic breed that was developed in Wales in 1949 and is different from the Harlequin sea duck, which is a wild animal.


After making friends with the resident Peking duck, both ducks were very content swimming in the baby pool and hanging out with the chickens. One day, they discovered they could go under fences and out into the wetland, which is full of baby insects and water-plant growth that they love to eat! Here, you can see just make out their rear ends, which they put up in the air and out of the water in a behavior called “dabbling.”


When unable to get to the wetland, they like to hang out with their new turkey friends.

Next time you’re at Parky’s Farm, be sure to stop and tell them “hi!”

Ellen Meehan, InReach Teacher, Parky’s Farm