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Mac the Turtle

Veronica Senefeld – Interpreter at Glenwood Gardens If you’ve ever visited the Highfield Discovery Garden at Glenwood Gardens, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled upon our friend Mac the Eastern Box Turtle. Many enjoy stopping by his home and saying hello to Mac (or as we formally call him, Mr. Turtle). But what exactly is […]

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Shell-a-brate Turtles


There are 11 species of turtle that can be found in the state of Ohio, and only four of them cannot be found in Hamilton County. Turtles are in the order Testudines and can relate back to the Triassic period from 200 million years ago. These creatures worldwide are one of the most endangered species. […]

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Live Action!

Nature Academy

During June and early July, it is not uncommon to come upon sometimes large snapping turtles while hiking in the parks. That is because it’s peak egg-laying season for Ohio’s largest turtle, the common snapping turtle, Chelydra Serpentina. While they typically reside in all types of freshwater habitat within the parks, females will move extensively […]

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