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Jack Fogle, Interpreter You may have recently asked yourself this very question. Imagine that it’s early March, the sun is setting, and you’ve had a long day. The clear, cerulean sky has metamorphosed into foreboding, heavy cloud cover. Soon, it will rain. That’s when you ask yourself, To squeep, or not to squeep? Or… Maybe […]

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Frog in Highfield Discovery Garden

Frog crafts, calls, games, hikes, observations, catching and displays – all things frog took over Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve during the month of May. Staff and volunteers take this time to celebrate the changing of the seasons, as amphibians of all kinds make themselves known. This past month, more than 600 children visited this small patch […]

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Frogs in Flight?


One afternoon I booted a partially frozen frog high into the air—it was more like two or three of them, actually. I didn’t mean to. I just happened to be shuffling along my backyard, enjoying the winter landscape when it happened. In the span of maybe three seconds, my foot made contact with something, and […]

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