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Park guest Lisa spotted this hopping mad frog at Glenwood Gardens earlier this fall. It’s cool to see a not-quite-grown frog still with its tail, but this guy also has an extra leg! We asked our nature interpreters what may have caused this odd phenomenon. Though we can’t say for sure what caused this frog […]

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Dark-eyed junco

Spying Snowbirds

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Typically when we think snowbird, we think of our grandparents heading to Florida for the winter. They escape the cold and fly south to the sunny shores of the Gulf of Mexico. But did you know there are also snowbirds who fly south to your backyard every winter? Before you call the police, don’t worry; […]

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Earlier in the summer, we at Great Parks said goodbye to our old friend and co-worker, Missy. Missy was responsible for training nature interpreters to work with birds of prey and teaching children the importance of a healthy ecosystem. She interacted with well over 50,000 people in her 32-year tenure with Great Parks. Missy wasn’t […]

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