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A creek in Great Parks of Hamilton County

It’s a hot summer day, and you have the afternoon free. You decide to listen to your favorite rock bands while strolling to the creek. The Beatles serenade you, and the Rolling Stones energize you as you dip your feet in the refreshing water. Listen to the bubbling cacophony rushing over the rocks. This is the sweet melody of life.

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Bugs & Bones


Some bugs are gross, some are cute, some are pretty and some are downright scary! My favorite bug is all of the above. Plus, next to the honeybee, it’s the hardest working insect I know. The insect I’m talking about are actually beetles. Dermestes Maculatus or as they are commonly known, dermestid beetles. These beetles […]

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Most commonly called fireflies or lightning bugs, these interesting insects are in fact a beetle and members of the family Lampyridae, Greek for “shining ones.” The familiar luminescent beetles are recognized for their nighttime display of flashes in the summer. Most of us have fond memories of catching these gentle and harmless beetles as kids […]

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