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Join us on our Facebook page Mondays through Fridays at 10 a.m. for a live video with Great Parks staff! Nature Interpreter Ellen suits up in her beekeeping gear to open the beehives at Parky’s Farm.

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Downy Wood Mint

Bees, Please

All, From the Field

A plant’s need for pollinators is as essential as our need for air and sunshine. Without them, this world would look much different. Pollinators play a crucial role in the sustainability of our ecosystem as well as being significant to our survival. The real work horses of the pollinator world are bees! Bees are without […]

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Honey bees are awesome. Not only do they pollinate our plants and create honey, but how they communicate with each other to create working a hive of 60,000 bees is fascinating. (If you haven’t seen bees doing their “waggle dance” to tell other bees where the best food is, I highly recommend you Google it.) […]

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