Coloring Page: Ohio Summer Residents | Common Nighthawk

We’re giving you fun coloring activities! Some birds like to take a vacation and visit Ohio during summer. You might spot them in our state throughout the year, but the birds featured here are most prevalent during summertime.

As their name implies, common nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) are most active during dusk and nighttime. Common nighthawks are sometimes active around dawn, but it may be difficult to spot them because they are well camouflaged with gray, white, buff and black feathers.

You may have heard common nighthawks go by another name. They are sometimes called “bull-bats” because of their bat-like flight and bull-like boom made by their wings as they pull up from a dive. The air rushing across a common nighthawk’s wingtips makes a deep booming or whooshing sound when coming up from a dive!

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common nighthawk
Photo courtesy Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife/Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0).