Game: Slingball

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Are you experiencing an influx of idle young hands around the house recently? It is a story as old as time itself, and one that the American Indians who have called these lands home for centuries knew just how to deal with.

American Indians played a large variety of games in their day-to-day lives. The purpose of these games varied, but some benefits included increased dexterity, hunting practice, cognitive training and, of course, entertainment. Try out this fun family game and watch the time fly by!

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  • Played by: Tewas (New Mexico)
  • What You Need: Soft-bodied balls (possibly with tails), an open area
  • How to Play: Players will sit adjacent to each other, with feet facing away from open area. Players should grip their slingballs (by the tail if applicable) between their feet. Players will then role onto their back, swinging their feet over their head and release the ball. The player with the farthest toss wins the round!
We took to the field to try slingball ourselves. It’s harder than it looks!

How far were you able to throw the ball? Share your slingball photos below!

Information about this game cited from Montana Office of Public Instruction.

Will Buelsing
Nature Interpreter, Miami Whitewater Forest