Variety is the Spice of Life

All, From the Field

Each Great Park has its own maintenance crew to handle day-to-day tasks, such as cutting the grass, cleaning picnic areas and getting rid of trash in our parks. What most people don’t know is that we also have a specialized crew that travels to every park. This crew focuses on specific projects that fall outside of the realm of typical operations duties. This crew – aptly named the Mobile Crew – travels to different parks depending on where they are needed.

The Mobile Crew consists of a small handful of employees who tackle a variety of atypical tasks that include line striping, crack sealing, laying sod, filling pot holes, refurbishing old signs and installing new signs, all the while helping other Great Parks’ staff and park guests as needed. Thanks to their hard work and dedication to going wherever the day’s job takes them, the Mobile Crew helps keep the parks safe, clean and looking their best.

The Mobile Crew’s Stuart Holt paints a stop bar onto the road next to a stop sign.

Harry Perry, Operations Field Coordinator