Wintertime at Woodland Mound

All, From the Field

Winter is a wonderful time for getting all caught up on all the small things that seem to not get done during the peak season in the parks. After keeping up with all the regular routines, there is now time for major cleaning, painting, tree care, stripping and waxing floors and organizing lots of small hardware. There’s even time for a bit of reflection from our seasonal Operations staff at Woodland Mound about what it means to work in the parks during this time of year.


I like how the park and golf course take on a whole different personality during the winter. They both look beautiful covered in snow. There is a different kind of calm and quiet that can’t be found during the busy dog days of summer. –Steve Frambes

The winter months at Woodland Mound are anything but uneventful. It’s a great time for training, maintenance and completion of various special projects that seem to slip through the radar during the busy season. One of the top priorities for us during this time is heavy chainsaw work. We work collaboratively to fell large trees, clear honeysuckle and prune and maintain natural areas throughout the park. — Derek Williams

One of the ways we took advantage of downtime this winter was brainstorming. The maintenance staff spent two days looking at ways to plan for the future of the park. Our staff looked at all the daily routines and the time involved to get them done. We made notes on how to improve what we do each day and how to incorporate some of the things that seem to get missed. We also looked at all the future plans for The Vineyard Golf Course and how we might play a major role in making it happen. — Carol Sue Ries

For me, the most enjoyable aspects of working at the parks can be found in the little things. One thing that I love is seeing the sunrise in the early morning. It comes up like a beautiful red ball of fire. In contrast to that, the Ohio River can be seen below, trying to wake itself from its foggy slumber. Winter also offers a glimpse of the park’s resident wildlife. I’m often privileged to see and hear the many owls that reside near Woodland Mound, including a lengthy encounter with a barn owl on one morning. — Patrick Brown

Winter at Woodland Mound is a beautiful time of year. You get to focus on all the little details that you miss during the summer time. Withrow Nature Preserve is especially wonderful. Winter in general is not my favorite time of the year, but the beauty of the park makes up for the cold weather. –Jake Baker