Big Cats at Sharon Woods

Fishin' Line

Bass fishermen Greg Alsept was out at Sharon Woods on the afternoon of July 22, hoping to catch some big ones. Well, he got what he wished for! Greg caught more than 60 pounds of fish in a six-hour trip. He caught two bass and two big catfish that totaled 60 pounds. The first catfish weighed in at 26 pounds and bit at a crank bait. The second catfish, a blue catfish, weighed 30 pounds and bit at a swim jig. Greg won’t divulge too much about how he caught these beauties. However, it seems you could throw just about anything out there right now, and it might catch the attention of these giant cats.

GregAlsept_SW_2014.07.22_30lbcat GregAlsept_SW_2014.07.22_26lbcat

Kate Mason, Harbor Manager, Sharon Woods