A “Typical” Day at Work


“So you’re a naturalist?  What exactly do you do?”

Every time someone asks me this question, my initial response is “That depends upon the day!”

Like many people, a day on the job for me might include answering telephone calls and emails. However, the ones I get are usually about a baby bird found in someone’s yard, the snake in their garage or identifying an insect rather than next quarter’s profit margins.

A large portion of my work involves presenting programs. These can be as simple as a puppet show about bats to a live animal presentation featuring birds of prey. For every hour I spend teaching, many more are put in behind the scenes to make sure the information I present is accurate and the artifacts used in my classes are in good condition.

Just recently, for example, I was gathering items for a fossil program and wound up doing emergency dental surgery on a saber-toothed cat skull replica! On any given day I might direct park visitors to the lake or nature trails, care for Sharon Wood’s captive wildlife or even write a blog entry.

While I admit that being a naturalist isn’t your typical 9-to-5 job, the rewards are many. I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for the natural world with our guests and having one of the most beautiful and spacious “offices” in Cincinnati is certainly a perk. Each day brings with it the opportunity to learn something new and no day is ever boring.

I hope to see you at my “office” soon – walk-ins are always welcome!

Angela Marczi, Naturalist, Sharon Woods