Lake Isabella Fishing Report – April 30, 2014

Fishin' Line

St. Croix Rods
Christmas has come early this year, folks! For the first time in Lake Isabella history, we have been chosen to offer the prestigious brand of St. Croix! These rods made by St. Croix stand alone when it comes to fishing equipment. Only a select few, such as Abu Garcia, Orvis, and Shimano, can compare to the quality and craftsmanship that St. Croix offers. Their motto, “the best rods on earth,” holds true especially when considering the engineering that goes into the design of each rod.


A St. Croix rod has a more uniform butt-to-tip blank. Simply put, the butt of the rod tapers more gently and uniformly as you move up the rod to the tip. Other rods have several points where the rod blank abruptly narrows or widens along the length of the rod. These places act as fulcrums or points where more pressure is put when fighting a fish. However, a St. Croix rod, with its evenly tapered blank, will dissipate energy along the entire length of the rod in a more uniform way. Add time-tested technology with wonderfully crafted aesthetics, and you’ll have a family heirloom worthy of passing on down the line.


Overnight Fishing
It’s that time of the year again! Overnight fishing kicks back up this Friday, May 2! Overnight fishing is Fridays and Saturdays only and will run throughout the entire summer. I’m particularly excited because I get, at the minimum, 10 calls a day asking when all night fishing starts. If you can think of anything more relaxing and fun than pitching a tent on the bank, building a campfire and setting out a few lines, then I encourage you to enlighten me.

As always, the boathouse will be open through the night so if you run out of bait, need some more light sticks, catch a trophy catfish (and need proof to show people) or forget to bring the cooler of food, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. All you need is a fishing ticket from the boathouse, and no other fees or permits are required.

Tackle Trade Days
Calling all collectors! Our tackle trade days are sure to impress and surprise those with a sense of fishing nostalgia. On Saturday, May 10 the Lake Isabella parking lot will be lined with vendors in a flea market type style, offering literally anything you could possibly think of in regards to vintage fishing tackle.

You don’t want old stuff? That’s fine, too! There is also a remarkable selection of new and gently used tackle and gear. If you collect any of the big five, you will not be disappointed. If you would like a Pflueger fly fishing combo to begin fly-fishing, the couple with the small fishing boat will give you lessons right there! If you need a rod to pair with your new Abu Garcia Rocket, look no further.

For those who wish to sell their collections and tackle, just give us a call or visit the boathouse to let us know. A spot only costs $10 for the day. A Great Parks of Hamilton County entrance pass is required ($10 annual, $3 day). Just be sure to get there at the crack of dawn to set up, since these guys mean business. If you miss our first one, we have one every month through fall: June 7, July 12, August 9 and October 11.

As if it were possible, the boathouse has added another addition to our fine selection of live baits: crickets! While overlooked by the younger generations, the wise old-timers know the magic of crickets. They appeal to literally everything that doesn’t suck algae off the bottom, and they create a nice background melody to compliment your time outdoors. It’s a win-win, since they catch anything and they make music! Try them to coax the hybrid bluegill that we have recently stocked, they won’t disappoint. Then take them over to the Little Miami and watch them be devoured by smallmouth and bluegill! At only $1.39 for a dozen you can’t go wrong.

Tyler Martin, Lake Isabella Fishing Instructor