A New Level

From the Field

Spring is a busy time of year here at Great Parks of Hamilton County! With a long and cold winter behind us, we are gearing up to make some great improvements out on our nature trails. Recently I hosted a spring kickoff meeting for Adopt-a-Trail volunteers and introduced a new opportunity for volunteering on the trails, which we are calling the Level 2 Adopt-a-Trail program!


This new program is designed for volunteers who want to help out on trails in a different way than we have ever offered before. Current Adopt-a-Trail volunteers do a great job of walking the trails, picking up trash and letting us know if there is a problem. The Level 2 volunteers will actually be taking part in routine, year-round trail maintenance like trimming branches, clearing drainage pathways and repairing erosion. This dirty, but rewarding, work is a great chance to get outside and make a big difference on our beautiful trails!

With more than 20 miles of nature trails to maintain, there are plenty of opportunities to jump right in and feel great about contributing to the amazing trail network here at Great Parks. I will be offering onsite trainings to those who are interested in this program and will get you started on a trail near you! Who’s with me?

For more information about this wonderful chance to get out in nature and give back to our community, I can be reached at alicari@greatparks.org.


Every day is a great day on trails!

Ashley Licari, Trail Technician