Meet Our Mechanics

From the Field

The Operations Department is the largest group within the park services division. Operations team members operate a wide variety of vehicles and equipment, all while maintaining our parks and golf courses. Servicing and repairing all of that equipment falls to a small group of highly skilled professionals, the Operations Mechanics.

There are just five full-time mechanics in the Operations department who are based at four different parks. John Zinser is at Miami Whitewater Forest, Tom Woods and Jeff Dion are at Winton Woods, Terry Howell is at Sharon Woods and Alex Baker is at Woodland Mound. In addition to their home park and golf courses, they are also responsible for vehicles and equipment from nearby parks as well as other departments.


Each mechanic has gone through a Great Parks of Hamilton County certification process to achieve the prestigious title of Certified Mechanic. This certification is a combination of training, experience and testing. Most, if not all, have been professional mechanics for over 30 years. Many of the mechanics hold multiple ASE certifications and other manufacturer recognized accreditations. To keep up with the ever-changing technologies and complexities of modern vehicles and equipment, the mechanics attend factory service schools, welding schools, equipment and automotive diagnostic classes. In 2013 alone, they attended four different training classes, including the John Deere Factory Turf School in North Carolina.

Unlike the typical dealership mechanic who sees the same brand or type of repair day in and day out, our mechanics face a wide range of challenges. If variety is the spice of life, then this group is spicy! On any given day, these men may work on anything from a string trimmer to a backhoe. If we own it, our mechanics are keeping it safe and in good working order.

After work, the variety continues. Some of our mechanics are avid hunters and outdoorsman, and others enjoy motorcycles, farming, restoring antique tractors, climbing, NASCAR races and camping. Despite their diverse backgrounds and hobbies, there is one thing that they all have in common. They are all proud fathers.

So the next time you’re at one of our shops, be sure to stop in and meet one of the guys who keep everything rolling: the Great Parks mechanic!

John Williams, Fleet Manager