The Bass are Spawning


As one of the clearest lakes in southwest Ohio, Sharon Woods Lake is clear enough to see bass on beds. Without exception, every team at the May 1 Bass Fishing League tournament at Sharon Woods reported seeing both males and big female bass locked on beds throughout the lake.

Most of the bass were in that three- to five-foot range from the bank. But fishermen also found them very difficult to catch. I saw guys throwing all of the typical bedding tactics: a lot of trick worms and tubes. Steve and Matt Wheeler figured the bass out by dragging a lizard. They won the three-hour tournament with two bass weighing in at a total of 8.33 pounds, and their big bass was 4.25 pounds. Congratulations guys!

SW_bass league_2013.05.01

Steve Wheeler & Neal Ramsey

Neal Ramsey, District Recreation Manager