Special Olympics Competition at WWRC


There’s big news from the Winton Woods Riding Center! The Riding Center is now the host facility of the 2013 Special Olympics State Equestrian Competition!


Winton Woods Riding Center has received the approval for the State Equestrian event to drop the Invitational status and become the 8th State Competition for SOOH! Riding Center staff has worked long and hard for this day, and there is still much to do for celebration. Thanks to all of you, from the delegations that started this path with us in 2008, to the newest groups who trained and competed with us in 2012. Without the help of volunteer’s state wide, we would not be here! Thanks to all of them for making this incredible journey possible. We have grown from 15 Special Olympics athletes the first year to 69 in 2012, and so far we have two new delegations waiting to join us for 2013!

Mark Your Calendar!

Special Olympics Equestrian State Competition 2013

Friday, August 16 & Saturday, August 17

Winton Woods Riding Center


The new format of the show will be a competition on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. We will continue with the Opening Ceremonies and Parade of Athletes to open the event and have each class honored with their own medal ceremony outside of the arena so that competition will continue. There will be a photo friendly area for the medal ceremonies with more space this year for families and friends to celebrate their athlete.

If you have any questions, contact the Winton Woods Riding Center at (513) 931-3057.

Angie Britton, Winton Woods Riding Center