All-Weather Surfaces Being Tested at Armleder Dog Park


Two all-weather surface areas are being tested at Otto Armleder Memorial Dog Park for use at the future Simmonds Family Dog Park in Miami Whitewater Forest, set to open spring 2014.

Armleder surface test area

Those who visit the Armleder Dog Park are invited to test out the surfaces with their dogs and provide the Park District with their feedback via email at, Facebook at and QR Code (posted on a sign at the site). The surfaces will be available for testing and feedback through May.

Once a surface is chosen, one acre of it will be placed at the Simmonds Family Dog Park to be used year round, especially during winter and rainy months.

The areas being tested both have draining tiles underneath and are on compacted aggregate. Area 1 (see attached image) is looser and made of crushed limestone chips. Area 2 is more compact and made of limestone sand.

For additional information about the future Simmonds Family Dog Park, please visit or call (513) 521-PARK (7275).