The Farm in Fall: The Mysterious PFamboozle


Working on Parky’s Farm in November, you’d probably think I’d write all about turkeys! However, the month of November doesn’t mean turkey time for the staff at Parky’s Farm. Instead, it’s all about a mysterious creature called a PFamboozle.

This creature has been leaving all sorts of evidence around the farm: footprints, scat and piles of sticks, which Parky’s Farm experts believe that the PFamboozle is using to communicate. There are only a few eye-witness accounts of this creature dating as far back as October of last year. The staff at Parky’s Farm is so stumped as to what this creature is that they have requested help from third graders in Hamilton County. All month, third graders will spend the day at Parky’s Farm attending three different training sessions – honing their skills in classification, adaptations and soil composition in hopes to hunt and catch the PFamboozle during a hike in the woods.

To this day, the PFamboozle has found a way to sneak out of every trick laid to trap it Anyone can try their luck at hunting and catching this mysterious creature by attending the training sessions held on Monday, November 11, from 9:30–11:30 a.m. or 12:30–2:30 p.m. Lots of people are looking or the PFamboozle, so online pre-registration by November 7 is required to participate.

Meanwhile, keep an eye open… the PFamboozle is among us!

Sara Schneider, Teacher, Parky’s Farm