So Long Summer


As we move past Labor Day and say goodbye to summer, I start thinking of all the summer sounds I will miss. The laughter of children at Parky’ Pirate Cove subsides as students return to school. The low hum of motor boats on the lake grows silent as adults “fall” back into their routines as well. The shrill cries of the spring peepers and toads that heralded the arrival of warm weather are quieter and less frequent. Even the buzzing of mosquitoes in my ears as I do yard work will be missed.

At the same time, I can’t wait to welcome the sounds of fall. The crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, the calls of our temporary avian visitors migrating south for the winter and the crackling of campfires is music to my ears.

So long summer, see you next year!

Heather Ficke, Naturalist, Miami Whitewater Forest