On the Green

On Friday, August 30, Marc Van Rafelghem shot his first hole-in-one at The Mill Course.

“I have been playing the front tees for the last couple of years on regulation (18-hole) courses. This was the first time in many years that I played the gray tees, and the first time I played this hole from the top tee box, where the blue tees are. I never thought I’d be able to hit a par-3 green from that far out. So, a hole-in-one was the farthest off my mind. I used my 3 (Fairway) Wood, choked up on it a little, took a nice smooth swing and the rest is history, at least for me and my three friends I was playing with,” said Marc.

Marc got his hole-in-one on Hole #4 from the gray/white tees (approximately 146 yards) while using a 3 Wood and a SoloRider golf cart.

Congratulations, Marc!

Marc Van Rafelghem_2013.08.30_blog