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Track It!

All, Nature Academy

Snowy winters can be a great time to get outside and see wildlife. Although some animals are less active in the winter, one advantage to the season is the ability to track their movements in the snow. It’s also a fun reason to get outside in the winter while keeping your mind off the cold. […]

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Is It Spring Yet?


Golfers at Sharon Woods are chomping at the bit to get out and tee it up! On a chilly Monday morning in January, four brave souls teed it up in freezing temperatures. Thinking the cold and wind would be their only obstacles to overcome that day, they noticed flurries falling from the sky on the […]

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The typical weather of the Ohio River Valley’s winter months can provide some of the most beautiful scenery and enjoyable experiences imaginable. Few vistas are more rewarding than those that include snow or ice-draped trees, a low winter sunrise (or sunset) or the progressive range of blue shadowed snow spreading across low hills or farm […]

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