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Great Horned Owl

With autumn here at last, the weather is growing colder, and the days shorter. Fall isn’t just the season of pumpkin spice-flavored everything, however. It’s also one of the best times to look and listen for nocturnal wildlife. Falling leaves make it easier to spot roosting birds, especially when the now-bare branches are backlit by […]

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Eastern screech owl

The newest addition to our Great Parks’ animal ambassador team is an eastern screech owl (Megascops asio). As such a new member to our team, she doesn’t have a name yet. However, this particular owl has an injury to the retina in her left eye, rendering her blind, and thereby not able to survive in […]

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Birds on the Brain

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Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting the third grade class at Maddux Elementary. The visit was part of Great Parks’ Outreach efforts, where we take our naturalist programs “on the road,” out to schools and into the classrooms. The third graders at Maddux are currently learning about Ohio birds. The students were obviously very […]

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Barn Owls


A farmer walks into his barn late one fall evening. He hears a loud raspy, hissing “SSS-SKEECH!!!” The farmer jumps with fright and looks up into the rafters. A thin, white object files quickly and silently above his head. He runs out the barn and into the house, screaming “There’s a ghost, there’s a ghost […]

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