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By Liz West via Flickr http://bit.ly/2GdVyXB

How to Go Paperless


In spite of technological innovation, today’s offices are more similar than they are different to the offices of 50 years ago. Sure, we have smaller, sleeker monitors and devices, capable of exponentially more processing power than even ten years ago. But there’s one thing that has remained constant in the office setting, and that is […]

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Summer is here, and it’s getting hot! On the golf course, high temperatures and dry soils equal stressed out grass. To the untrained eye, running a sprinkler head is the only way to keep it alive this time of year, but that’s not the case. Fortunately, the golf course industry continues to find smarter ways […]

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Great Parks of Hamilton County manages four conservation areas that are dedicated solely for the protection of natural habitats and the wildlife that reside within these areas. One of these conservation areas is Newberry Wildlife Sanctuary, a state-dedicated natural area that was acquired in 1975. It is home to a variety of plant and animal […]

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