Growing Together: Fall Fun

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Fall at Glenwood Gardens
Fall at Glenwood Gardens.

Summer is fading to fall and it’s time to focus on fall crops! This month, the Growing Together team will be back at our partner site at Woodlawn Elementary to plant a fall harvest with the school. We will be transplanting some mature plants as well as adding a couple quick-harvest seed veggies. Classes at the school will be taking care of their crops and doing some educational activities around the growth cycles. Stay tuned to hear how the fall harvest fares!

The mystery volunteer plant in the Growing Together community bed turned out to be a white pumpkin!
The mystery volunteer plant turned out to be a white pumpkin vine that flourishing quite well.

Our Glenwood Gardens garden bed site is in full production! When we first planted our Growing Together community bed, we had a mystery volunteer plant. It turned out to be a white pumpkin vine! A perfect ambassador of fall. This vine has grown well past its raised bed real estate and is producing many healthy-sized pumpkins. We have already been able to donate 10 pumpkins to our community. It was a joy to watch children and families light up when picking their pumpkins. See our picture to learn about pumpkin nutrition.

The pumpkin is full of nutritious vitamins and minerals.
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In addition to our pumpkins, our little 4-by-8-square-foot bed has already produced over 50 lbs. of food for our surrounding community! Some of our produce goes directly into the happy hands of our garden guests, and the rest is donated. We have loved hearing all of the different recipes that guests share for the produce. If you have a favorite pumpkin recipe, please comment below.

Follow the Growing Together journey of creating community, square-foot gardening beds and how the crops we’re planting are coming along.

The Glenwood Gardens Growing Together Team