Growing Together: Community Partner Announcement

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Raised garden beds at Glenwood Gardens.

Our community beds are built! Great Parks of Hamilton County is proud to announce its partnership with Woodlawn Elementary. This past weekend, our park team built four raised garden beds for Woodlawn Schools. We even made our own dirt! The soil used for the beds was a beautiful blend created by our Conservation and Parks team from compost, potting soil and top soil. We will be returning throughout spring to plant the beds together with the all the different grade levels. Our partners will be learning about cover crops, summer versus fall planting, and nitrogen-fixing plants for our initial visit!

Some of our crops will be grown from seed and sown directly in ground, but a number of our crops have already been started indoors! It is important to protect some seeds from frost, so to extend the growing season it’s a good idea to start some types of plants indoors. Indoor sprouts for this growing season were started at the end of March.

Our park garden bed will be constructed in the next couple of weeks at Glenwood Gardens! You will be able to see the bed on the way to the Cotswold Visitor Centre. Once our park bed is up and built, we will be sharing our garden map for anyone that might want to grow with us at home. My personal favorite crop being grown this season is the Gherkin Sour Cucumber. Cucumbers do great in a square-foot bed, especially with the support of a trellis.

Stay tuned for more!

Follow the Growing Together journey of creating community, square-foot gardening beds and what crops will be grown.

The Glenwood Gardens Growing Together Team