New Stand-Up Paddleboards and Programming Made Possible by ODNR Grant

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Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks & Watercraft.

Adventure Outpost, a teambuilding facility in Winton Woods, now has a dozen new stand-up paddleboards (SUP) thanks to a $13,013 Boating Safety Education Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Parks & Watercraft. As a result, Adventure Outpost is offering SUP programming where participants will learn basic paddleboard skills and safety on the water.

Adventure Outpost trained and certified staff offer classes from archery to backpacking and fitness to kayak and canoe instruction and safety. There has been a significant increase in SUP interest in Hamilton County and these programs will introduce new users to sufficient skills and knowledge so they can safely enjoy the activity. The first programs are being offered on June 17, 22, 30 and July 3, 2021 with plans to offer more through the summer.

The focus of the programs falls under the ODNR funding requirement “Paddling Rescue Programs” where participants are knowledgeable about choosing and wearing a lifejacket, have an understanding of the importance of proper clothing, experience on how to launch and land safely and gain the knowledge of how to self-rescue and rescue others.

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