Golf: Healthy & Fun for the Whole Family

All, On the Green

As we are experiencing the full benefits of spring blossoming, it means that we have more opportunity to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Golf is a sport the whole family can enjoy together and it even offers lifelong benefits for you and your children.

A young boy swings his club, preparing to hit golf ball.

Why Golf is Good for Kids?

Golf is a great way to teach kids social core values such as honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. In golf, there are no referees to call a foul or a penalty; in golf, you call penalties on yourself. Golf even has its own set of manners outlining your behavior when on the course, known as golf etiquette. The game teaches all of us discipline, patience, the value of hard work and the ability to overcome challenges not only in golf, but also in life.

Enjoy Family Fitness Time

Golf is one of the easiest ways to make fitness fun. It is estimated you’ll walk 2.5 miles every time you play nine holes. Walking the course is a great opportunity to get the doctor-recommended 10,000 daily steps! It not only increases the amount of calories burned, but allows uninterrupted time for more quality family conversations. Even if you decide to stay on the driving range, just being up and active versus sitting inside is a great way to burn over 200 calories and get fit with your family. 

A father and son carry their clubs to the Little Miami Golf Center pro shop. The boy's golf clubs are as big as him!

Have Fun & Make Memories

The focus of family golf should be fun! If your family is new to golf, the driving range or an executive nine or par-3 course like Meadow Links & Golf Academy or Little Miami Golf Center are great starting points to get everybody involved. Golf is a sport that can be played for many years, and as skills develop, your family will benefit from a lot of fond memories out on the course. Be sure to bring a camera and capture the moments!

If you’re looking for ways to enjoy more family time this golf season, then consider making a round of golf a family event. Contact the golf professionals to learn about lesson programs and other ways we can help your family benefit from the great game of golf. Junior and adult lessons are offered at all six Great Parks Golf Courses, as well as family-centered events like family scrambles and Parent/Child Tournaments. 

Matt Starr
PGA Professional, Meadow Links & Golf Academy