Tips to Keep the Holidays Kind For Yourself, Community & Environment

The holidays are a marvelous time of year! They can, however, also include many challenges and extra stress. Daily stress can become amplified while we attempt to fulfill numerous commitments, try to manage financial responsibilities and, of course, encounter all of those expected and unexpected emotions.

Environmentally, extra stress can become abundant too. During the hustle and bustle of the holidays – from Thanksgiving to the end of the year – Americans can generate an additional 25% more waste that we could reduce with some awareness and creativity!

So let’s embrace this wonderful time of year and make sure that this is a kind holiday season for all! We hope you enjoy these tips and resources and experience peace and fun this season.

Be Kind to Yourself

A man and young boy walk on a forest trail on a fall afternoon.
Go for a hike on a favorite trail or explore a new one.
  • Get moving and treat yourself to the benefits of our new virtual program, Naturally Fit. It’s great for experiencing outdoors or indoors!
  • Take some time to de-stress with a walk. Looking for a change of pace? Try hiking a favorite or new trail at Great Parks.
  • Play with your pets – take them along for a hike or take your pooch to a dog park. For a more enjoyable experience in the outdoors with your pup, remember to plan ahead and prepare with water, snacks and a poop clean-up kit!
  • Get your game face on and play some disc golf this winter
Malinda Hartong
  • Tap into your inner photographer and snap some winter photos. Check out these winter photography tips from local photojournalist Malinda Hartong.
  • Got snow? Experience winter activities in Great Parks!
  • Enjoy some peace and quiet. Find a place indoors or outdoors where you can do a little bit of nothing, quiet your mind and just enjoy breathing.
  • Feel good about hanging in there during the many challenges we encounter. Focus on accomplishments. Reflect on the gift of fond moments, receiving and giving kindness along the journey.
  • Enjoy your favorite things!

Be Kind to the Environment, Community & Our Precious Resources

Red, orange, green and blue holiday lights are in a pile.
  • Recycle those broken holiday lights at Great Parks!
  • Check out the Leave No Trace website for tips and information about making the holidays a sustainability season. We’ve got this!
  • During your next outdoor adventure, practice some simple Leave No Trace Quick Tips.
  • Any time your outdoors – whether you’re visiting a Great Park or are on another excursion – be kind outside and maintain physical distancing from other guests who aren’t a part of your household.
  • Give the gift of a random act of kindness … even if it is as simple as a call, card or waving to someone on the trail or in your community. It goes a long way!

However you choose to spend your holiday season, stay safe, embrace kindness and keep smiling!

Jen Hilbert
Adventure Outpost Coordinator