Nature Journaling #199: Goin’ Squirrely in Cold Weather

Nature journals are a fun way to pass the time. To many Great Parks nature interpreters, they are a tool that fosters meaningful connections with the natural world.

Want to create a nature journal with your child? Grab some paper and a pencil, step out the front door and use the prompt below. We’ll publish a new prompt daily, so be sure to check back here for more!

A squirrel sits in a tree, eating a nut.

Today’s Prompt: Goin’ Squirrely in Cold Weather

Take a walk this weekend. If it’s raining or snowing, you can make an observation station right from your windows.

Try and find a squirrel or chipmunk to observe for a while. What kinds of things are you observing it doing? How does this animal handle the colder temperatures? How do you handle the colder temperatures?

A Few Tips for Success:

  • Work with your child’s attention span. If they aren’t enjoying an activity, allow them to choose a new one. If they are highly focused, give them plenty of time to continue the observations.
  • Allow creativity. Children often have interests that go beyond the questions we pose. Create a safe environment so they can create and explore on their terms.
  • Journal along with your child. You never know what you may discover and it’s a great way to spend some quality time together.
  • Try activities at different times of day. Observations may change with time and temperature.

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