Nature Journaling #165: Wind Chaser

Nature journals are a fun way to pass the time. To many Great Parks nature interpreters, they are a tool that fosters meaningful connections with the natural world.

Want to create a nature journal with your child? Grab some paper and a pencil, step out the front door and use the prompt below. We’ll publish a new prompt daily, so be sure to check back here for more!

White clouds in a bright blue sky. The tops of green trees are visible.

Today’s Prompt: Wind Chaser

Sit outside for a bit today. Is there a breeze? Do you think you can catch the wind? Then follow along to make a simple wind decoration.

  • Get a paper plate and color it on both sides.
  • Ask an adult for help if need with this next part. Starting along the outer edge, cut the paper plate in a spiral until you get to the center and there is a round spot about an inch wide in the middle of the plate.
  • Bend that round spot up and tape, glue or staple a string to the center section.
  • Hang up you wind catcher.

Does it catch the wind? Does it always go in the same direction or does it change with the wind?

A Few Tips for Success:

  • Work with your child’s attention span. If they aren’t enjoying an activity, allow them to choose a new one. If they are highly focused, give them plenty of time to continue the observations.
  • Allow creativity. Children often have interests that go beyond the questions we pose. Create a safe environment so they can create and explore on their terms.
  • Journal along with your child. You never know what you may discover and it’s a great way to spend some quality time together.
  • Try activities at different times of day. Observations may change with time and temperature.

Want to try your hand at different nature journaling topics? Click here for more prompts.

Amy Roell
Director of Education & Events