Meet the Great Parks Team: Ellen Meehan

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July is Parks and Recreation Month! We’re also celebrating our 90th birthday this July. While we can’t celebrate with you in person right now, we’re commemorating these occasions in a different way: Meet the faces behind Great Parks of Hamilton County. Learn more about the people who are passionate about bringing you the best experience every time you visit your favorite Great Park.

Meet Ellen Meehan, Central Region Nature Interpreter

Nature Interpreter Ellen with mini-cow Gracie at Parky's Farm.
Ellen with mini-cow Gracie at Parky’s Farm.
How long have you worked for Great Parks of Hamilton County?

Sixteen years.

What first interested you in working in parks and recreation?

I enjoyed being outside in nature and wanted to share that with others.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

I spend a lot of time doing hands-on, interactive programs and talking with a variety of people of all ages. When not running programming, I research and plan new programs, help with training part-time staff and “fun” office work like setting up program registrations, processing payments and making schedules.

How does your work directly impact park guests?

My job is to interact with guests and make their experience better. How that plays out is based on what their prior park or outdoor experiences have been like. Sometimes it might mean helping them feel more comfortable in an outdoor setting. For some, that is learning more about the natural resources that make up the parks, why they are important and what they can do to help preserve them. And sometimes, it’s just chatting with parents that want to have an adult conversation!

The red barn at Parky's Farm.
Parky’s Farm on a quiet morning.
What is your favorite part of your job?

My favorite parts of my job are helping people have positive interactions outside, planning fun programs and training part-time staff.

Who do you spend the most time with outside of work?

My husband Brian and stepson Keagan.

How do you like to spend your free time?

I enjoy hiking, kayaking, gardening, cooking and reading.

Gracie the mini-cow in her pasture at Parky's Farm.
Seeing the fields and pastures at Parky’s Farm is a serene sight.
Do you have a favorite spot in Great Parks?

When doing tractor rides at Parky’s Farm, I enjoy the view as you come out of the woods. The barns and fields are all slightly downhill, and it’s very beautiful and peaceful.

What are your hopes for Great Parks of Hamilton County’s next 90 years?

My hope for Great Parks is that we can continue to help preserve green spaces in Hamilton County and improve the physical and emotional health of county residents who visit the parks