Meet the Great Parks Team: Amy Swigart

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July is Parks and Recreation Month! We’re also celebrating our 90th birthday this July. While we can’t celebrate with you in person right now, we’re commemorating these occasions in a different way: Meet the faces behind Great Parks of Hamilton County. Learn more about the people who are passionate about bringing you the best experience every time you visit your favorite Great Park.

Meet Amy Swigart, Sharon Woods Guest Experiences Manager

Amy Swigart
How long have you worked for Great Parks of Hamilton County?

Twenty-nine years.

What first interested you in working in parks and recreation?

My love of nature and of enjoying the outdoors drew me to a place where I could be an ambassador of the very things I enjoy.

What is a typical day at work like for you?

A typical day in my role offers a variety of opportunity to wear many hats. I may be training a Welcome Tech in a booth, assisting ringing up sales at the boathouse or counting tills for accuracy. Then, a moment later, you may find me at my desk completing hiring paperwork, monitoring inventory and budgets or reaching out to team members for various reasons. It is never the same from moment to moment or day to day and I love that.

How does your work directly impact park guests?

My greatest privilege is to work with a group of fabulous team members who make each guest’s experience memorable and just that – an experience. My position oversees the boathouse, snack bar, welcome booths and visitor center at Sharon Woods. Interacting with the guests and making their park visit positive and enjoyable is part of the Guest Experiences Team approach to every day, be it through time on the Sharon Lake fishing or boating, enjoying a snack while watching the kids play or even just smiling and waving as they enter the park for their daily hike.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love all parts of my job; however, if I have to choose a favorite it would be interacting with team members and working as a team to be able to give each guest that “aha” park moment.

Who do you spend the most time with outside of work?

Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my family.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Believe it or not, we camp and hike in parks on my off days because being outside is still one of my passions and I share that with my family. After a hike, we love going for a late lunch at a local restaurant, enjoying our meal out on their deck that borders a creek.

The waterfall on the Gorge Trail at Sharon Woods.
When you hike the Gorge Trail, it’s like you’re traveling back in time seeing all of the layers of bedrock.
Do you have a favorite spot in Great Parks?

My favorite spot in Great Parks is the Gorge Trail. It is peaceful, beautiful and full of geologic and park history.

What are your hopes for Great Parks of Hamilton County’s next 90 years?

My hope for Great Parks’ next 90 years would be to continue to provide the excellent customer service and experiences to our guests. This must always be part of our values and where we get our motivation to operate from. The experience guests take away will bring them back for more positive experiences that they can share with loved ones. Then, we have been able to pass on our love of the outdoors and nature to others and instill those values for parks in their hearts. And, they can, in turn, pass these park moments on to even more people.