New Places to Explore

It’s not hard to find a picturesque view when out and about at a park. You can find an oasis if you know where to look.

We’ve put together this list of trails and park spots that are perfect to explore, get your exercise in or find somewhere you can just kick back and relax in nature. Who knows, you may even find your new favorite park spot!

Before you head out, be sure to check park alerts and closures for the most up-to-date park information.

An osprey flies in the park on a sunny afternoon.

Otto Armleder Memorial Park

One of the best places to spot birds in Hamilton County is Otto Armleder Memorial Park. With trails that travel along the Little Miami River, there are birds aplenty here, always searching for their next meal from the river. Ospreys, blue birds and even short-eared owls have all been seen swooping through Otto Armleder.

Wood Duck Trail trailhead

Wood Duck Trail at Mitchell Memorial Forest

A nature trail, the Wood Duck Trail is a flat loop. This gives way for a canopy of trees overhead that provide ample shade in summer and a beautiful canvas of colorful foliage in fall. It’s not uncommon to spot a barred owl during the day along this trail.

Little Turtle Trail at Shawnee Lookout

At two miles, Little Turtle Trail is one of the longer nature trails in Great Parks, and that hike pays off! There are sweeping views of the Ohio River along the Little Turtle Trail, which are amplified by the contrast of warm hues of colorful leaves in the fall with the greens and blues of the river banks below. Both downy woodpeckers and pileated woodpeckers can be seen flying here.

A blue jay rests on a tree branch.

Weston Overlook at Woodland Mound

This overlook gives guests a full panoramic view of the Ohio River. Head toward the Weston Shelter at Woodland Mound for this accessible-to-all, paved overlook. Keep an eye and ear out for raucous blue jays that live near Weston Overlook. Red-bellied woodpeckers can also be heard (and seen!) making their homes here.

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Caroline Wiita
Content Marketing Coordinator