5 Rainy Day Activities

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Don’t let a little rain get you down, this is the perfect time to explore an aspect of nature we usually shy away from! We’ve searched the internet and racked our brains to come up with 5 of the best rainy day activities for you and your kiddos.

1. Make a Rain Gauge

Our friends across the pond at The Imagination Tree came up with this wonderful recycled rain gauge. Feel free to mark yours in inches, though, unless you want to teach your kids more about the metric system. This activity is great for budding meteorologists and mathematicians alike!

A rainbow forms over Glenwood Gardens.

2. Let the Rain Be Your Muse

Rainy days are a great time to grab the markers and let your littles create works of art, of course; have you ever tried letting the rain join in on the fun? Rhythms of Play encourages your kids to draw a rainbow and then watch what happens as the rain interacts with it. This activity is great for inspiring creativity and imagination, as well as encouraging some of your big kids to be OK with change!

3. Bake a Pie

We’re not suggesting you actually bake a pie, per se. Instead, encourage your kids to “bake” their own mud pie with expired pantry staples. This blog from Happy Hooligans details their family’s favorite “recipe” and even encourages you to compost the results. This activity is great for aspiring chefs, getting everyone’s hands a little dirty and stepping into the wonderful world of composting!

4. Build a Monument

Keep the mud handy! If you’ve got an old ice cube tray and a patch of mud, this activity from Play Teach Repeat is perfect for you. Watch your kids become architects, or even better, join in on the fun! This activity is great for teaching some basic engineering and measuring skills, as well as creating some family friendly competition! Who can build the tallest mud structure?

A bullfrog enjoys the rain in a pond.

5. These Boots Were Made For JUMPING

We couldn’t leave the G.O.A.T. rainy day activity off of this list! Get your rain gear on and go puddle jumping. It’s as simple as that!

Do you have any go-to rainy day activities? Did you make an impressive mud pie or structure? Share ideas and pics with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or below in the comments!

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