Coloring Page: The ABCs of Ohio Plants & Animals | Y

We’re giving you some fun coloring activities! Here, you’ll find a fun coloring sheet featuring the ABCs of Ohio’s native flora and fauna.

A common spring ephemeral, yellow trout lily (Erythronium americanum) heralds the end of winter in Ohio. Often found in woodlands, you can see hundreds of yellow trout lily plants carpeting the ground. Even though you can see hundreds of flowers, only a few yellow trout lilies flower each year. In fact, yellow trout lily doesn’t flower for the first 4–7 years of its life.

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Yellow trout lily
Photo courtesy flickr user Julie Falk.

April is Ohio Native Plant Month, a vision dedicated to building public awareness and communicating the importance of native plants in our state. Great Parks is proud to be a partner of this movement.

We’re supporting Ohio Native Plant Month through our 100,000 Tree Challenge. This challenge is in response to the United Nations 2020 International Year of Plant Health to plant 1.2 trillion trees. To recognize this effort, Great Parks will be planting more than 900 native trees this year.