A Final Farewell

All, On the Green
A golf ball with the Great Parks logo and the name Shawnee Lookout printed on it sits on the green.

As we enter the final month of golf at Shawnee Lookout, we would like to thank everyone who has been part of the course’s history. First, a special thank-you to all of the golfers who have made Shawnee Lookout their home course for many years. Many of you grew up playing the course as a junior golfer and continued to play there into adulthood. Your loyalty, support and friendship have been very much appreciated. We will miss seeing you teeing it up and hearing your stories about your most recent round. With all the uneven lies, hilly terrain and different course conditions throughout the years, no round was ever the same. A birdie today could easily be a bogey – or worse! – the next time you played.

A group of four men tee off at Shawnee Lookout Golf Course during its final season. From the left, clockwise: a man in a white shirt and navy shorts waits for his teammates to finish their round; in the middle, a man with a navy shirt and khaki shorts is putting close to the hole; and two men, one in a turquoise shirt and plaid shorts, and the other in a black striped shirt and black, shorts look on. The hole is surrounded by trees on a sunny day.

Secondly, we would like to thank all of the employees who have worked there over the years. Too many to name, each of you made Shawnee Lookout a special place to play. Your dedication to making the course the best it could be every day for the past 40 years never went unnoticed. From the golf staff who made our guests feel special and welcome, to the golf maintenance crew preparing the course before sunrise. Many of you have retired or moved on to other courses, but your time at Shawnee Lookout created many memories for numerous golfers.

A woman in a maroon shirt and khaki pants is golfing on the green close to the hole at Shawnee Lookout Golf Course.

With September being the final month Shawnee Lookout golf course is open, Great Parks is offering golfers a special golf rate: Through the end of September, golfers can ride 18 holes for $25 or 9 holes for $15, any day, any time. Thank you for 40 years of support. We hope to see you on the course.

On September 30, Shawnee Lookout Golf Course will welcome golfers for the last time. We hope you have enjoyed playing there, and all of us at Great Parks of Hamilton County have appreciated being a part of your golfing activities over the last 40 years.

Doug Stultz
Director of Golf