Opening Day at Shawnee Lookout

All, On the Green
Guests attend the opening ceremony of Shawnee Lookout Golf Course, June 16, 1979. Seated fifth to the right is none other than the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong. He was one of the first people to hit a golf ball at the course.

June 16, 2019, marks 40 years since Shawnee Lookout Golf Course opened. Astronaut Neil Armstrong was among seven individuals to hit the first golf balls to open the course – 10 years after he was the first man to walk on the moon. Opening day had some challenges, like when the pump house shut down, resulting in no water to the clubhouse. In addition, the electricity went out. Despite those challenges, Shawnee Lookout quickly became a diamond in the rough for golfers on the west side of Hamilton County to enjoy.

The first year the course was open, it did not have cart paths. This became a challenge when it rained, sometimes for days. No riding carts because of the conditions meant play was limited to a few die-hard golfers who were willing to walk the hilly terrain. While the rolling hills of North Bend provide beautiful scenery, they can be a doozy to walk – especially while carrying golf clubs. But over the last 40 years, few groups of golfers have made it a habit to routinely walk the course when they play. Cart paths were installed the following year in 1980.

Chuck Moore, a Cincinnati resident, was the first golfer to pay and play the course. Green fees were $3 for 9-holes and $5 for 18-holes. Seniors and juniors could play during the week before noon for $2.50. Cart fees were $9 for 18-holes and $4.50 for 9-holes.

On September 30, Shawnee Lookout will host golfers for the final time. For those who have never experienced the course, we hope you will take the opportunity to play a round at Cincinnati’s most scenic golf course.  Who knows, you might break the course record. (It’s currently 65, if you’re willing to take on the challenge.) To those who have played the course over the years, we thank you for your support and for making Shawnee Lookout your course of choice.

Doug Stultz
Director of Golf