Mindful Mowing

From the Field

Great Parks is putting some new mowing practices into place. Began as one of many “green” initiatives, reduced mowing will benefit us in many different ways:

  • Create diverse habitat areas of woodlands, meadows and grasslands over time to better meet the conservation component of our mission.
  • Improve storm water management practices by slowing down surface flow and allowing more time for rainfall to infiltrate the soil.
  • Reduce fuel and labor costs, which can be directed towards more detailed care of our many recreational facilities and outdoor education areas.

Both staff and guests have already offered some observations and suggestions that have been very useful for making adjustments and improvements in the boundaries of edges and transitions among the different habitat areas.

The reduced mowing practices will benefit us all in re-distributing scarce resources in a more sustainable manner. With regular feedback and monitoring, Great Parks will have diverse, well-maintained areas that everyone can enjoy!

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Bob Harris, Administrative Operations Superintendent