Fishing Season Is Here – Almost!

All, Fishin' Line

Feb 27Our harbor managers have been working hard to get our boathouses ready for opening day for the past several weeks, but Mother Nature just isn’t cooperating. The heavy snow that we received last week has insulated the ice on our lakes. In other words, we are postponing opening day at Miami Whitewater Forest until March 14, 2015. The fountain near the pier at Lake Isabella has maintained a small area of open water. If we can get a little warmer weather and some rain, there is a chance that we will get that lake opened as scheduled on March 6, 2015. Please call 513-791-1663 for updates.

IMG_0473When we get rid of this ice, we will be excited to kick off our 2015 season with some healthy stockings of rainbow trout at Lake Isabella. In fact, we will stock more than one ton of these beautiful fish in that lake by the end of March.

There are a few proven ways to catch them that seem to work year after year at Lake Isabella. Start with live bait, a small live minnow fished on light gear, set with a bobber 3’ or less, will definitely get you some action. Whole kernel corn threaded on a small #8 hook, fish with a little split shot deadline 15’ to 20’ off shore works. The Berkley Trout baits are always popular. I would recommend beginning with chartreuse. Ask the employees at the boathouse for advice. They will have up to the minute reports on the hottest baits and locations to increase your odds.

If you enjoy crappie fishing, I invite you to test your skills at the Panfish Cup tournament at Miami Whitewater Forest on March 14, 2015. The tournament, sponsored by Bass Pro Shops, begins at 8 a.m. with weighs-ins at 1 p.m. The entry fee is $40, which includes your boat rental. Live bait will be available at the boathouse, wax worms and minnows will be hard to beat. Anglers will weigh-in bluegill and crappie. Look for 20 pounds of fish or more to win!

Neal Ramsey, District Recreation Manager